Let's Cook Together

Have you had an opportunity to learn about plant based cooking and wondered... WHERE do I start? 

That happened for me too. And now through almost 30 years of learning and cooking, I am at long last sharing some of my most favorite recipes for success. Plant-based does not need to be boring or time consuming and we are going to learn about that together. 

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Nurture Your Body & Soul

Recipes to support your vitality and budget.


Cultivating health and vitality in your body supports the work you feel called to do in this world.

Eating plant-based allows you to bring in vital plant information to support your optimal health. 

So much more than nutritional recommendations, cooking and being in the kitchen practically asks us to learn new skills and appreciate new tastes. 

Continue your journey of life-long learning, and benefit both personally and professionally as you incorporate the principles of plant-based eating in this unique experience. 

Join IN

Join this community of people who are on a path to bring more health to their daily lives while learning to cook food that tastes good and is good for us.

Dr. Siri Chand is sharing her most favorite recipes for health and healing that are full of flavor and nutrition. These recipes  come from her years of study in Ayurveda and modern medical nutrition.

What is the current content?


Weekly VIRTUAL live classes reviewing principles   




Depending on the recipe, we will buying, storing and cooking one of the foundational ingredients.
Themes present in the classes support overall health and vitality. 
Available for any skill level 

*Adjustments can be advised for anyone with food allergies though some recipes just don't translate

Classes may have different instructors who have different backgrounds
Themes will be present in the session to support our relationship to taste
No meditation or mindfulness experience needed to participate  




Live mindfulness session each week  

With COVID 19, everyone is experiencing unprecedented challenges in their lives. And this is in the setting where there was already a concern of increased stress from many other factors.  We are all feeling constrained by time at home not having the freedom we are used to. 

Now is the time to search out and use principles of plant-based cooking to support our overall health. 

In these mini-courses, we will look at options for learning more in time about plant-based eating and the general flow for the coming months as new classes are rolled out with new recipes, principles and ingredients. 


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It's hard to find someone who is a Gardener, FOODIE, COOK & Doctor

While working in her medical practices, Dr. Siri Chand began to see how offering lifestyle measures could allow health to be readily available to everyone through small actionable steps. 

Food is TRULY the foundation for our daily health and vitality. It is so special to think about coming together in this time to share meals virtually. 



"Siri Chand's palpable mission to share her love and knowledge of Ayurveda and food and medicine paired with her keen ability to support one's passionate pursuit of life defines her as a true healer." 

Kerilyn BollmanN MD
Creator Vital Medicine for the Soul


integrative medicine SPECIALIST



“Siri Chand has an innate ability to combine ancient wisdom and modern medicine and engage with individuals in a unique and transformative way. She seamlessly provides education and individualized care while exemplifying best practices, allowing one to receive what good medicine should truly encompass.” 

Amy Ingersoll PA-C, MMS, FOMA 
Obesity Medicine Specialist 
Forte: Empowered well-BEing Center


Obesity Medicine SPECIALIST 

Welcome to A unique Educational Journey

Join in with this transformational group of "foodies"

I am delighted to invite you to the table in this unprecedented time of transition and healing on our planet. Plant-based eating is part of our needed evolution. 

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